Upcoming Workshops / Events / Class Series

Qigong Going Deeper Series  
5 Week Series 
with Ed Howard and Lori Rossi

Wednesday,  November 13 - December 18  (No class on 11/27)

6:00 - 7:15pm

Profoundly enhance your health and emotional wellbeing by learning ancient holistic forms for self-healing.

In this powerful series, you will learn how to clear energy blockages, strengthen your systems....nervous, immune, endocrine, and circulatory: as well as enhance brain function and oxygenate your blood.   

Weekly handouts will support you in integrating this healing practice into you everyday life. 

*No prior qigong experience necessary. 

$112.50 for the series, Regiser in advance. 

$  99.00  For those who are repeating this series, (Register at the studio.) 


Didgeridoo Vibrational Sound & Energy Healing Circle
with Shaman, Harold E. Smith

Friday, November 15   

6:30 - 8:00pm

The 3 G's - Giving & Gratitude and Grace

Feel you mind, body and Spirit shift as Harold takes us on a journey of vibrational sound healing with his Didgeridoo's and various Spirit-infused instruments and intuituve guidance. 

Come with an open mind and no expectations....Leave with a lightness of mind, a tingle in the body and a heart full of love. *Most folks enjoy this experience wihile lying down or seated.  Props are available though, feel free to bring anything to make yourself more comfortable. 

$.30.00  Healing Circle, In advance  $ 35.00  at the door.

Limited spaces available.  Pre-register to reserve your space. 

Individual Sound & Energy Healing Sessions
with Shaman, Harold E. Smith

Sunday, November 17   

1:00 - 6:00pm

$ 55.00  Email to reserve your time.

Yin (Therapeutic) Yoga with CBD and Essential Oils   New!
with Lori Rossi, Energy Medicine Practitioner, CYT, CQI

Wednesday,  November 20

7:30 - 9:00pm

Experience the soothing benefits of this gentle and therapeutic style of yoga with the enhanced healing properties from CBD and essential oils.


This floor-based style of practice utilizes props and longer held postures that are designed to induce muscle relaxation and myofascial release. CBD and Essential oils are offered to enhance the physical and mental relaxation response. 

*CBD is being used widely to address pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and sleep issues. 

$ 30.00 Register in advance, limited spaces to allow individualized attention.


Chakra Discovery 101 Workshop
with Lori Rossi and Jessica Hildebrand

Saturday,  November 23

2:00 - 4:00pm

What are Chakras? And how can they benefit me?

Join us for a multi-sensory discovery experience to learn about and access the energy centers of your body…The Chakras. How do they get out of balance?  How do they affect our daily living?  Receive simple, practical, and fun tips to increase your vitality, emotional state, and physical well being. 

In advance of the holiday hustle, take a little time for You, to get grounded, informed, and empowered to better access these energetic repositories within you! 

Learning about your chakras and how to bring balance to them, can bring healing and joy into your life!


*No yoga experience or chakra knowledge required to attend. Everyone can do this workshop as gentle yoga stretching is just a small piece.


$ 30.00  Please register in advance,  $35.00 at the door

Gratitude Qi-Ga
Yoga - Qigong - Music - Relaxation - Inspiration 
with Lori Rossi and Ed Howard

Thanksgiving Morning

Thursday,  November 28

10:00 - 11:00am

Join us Thanksgiving morning as we come together in community to...

Fill our hearts with peace and gratitude as we open to this beautiful holiday!

This special class consists of gentle Yoga and Qigong, wrapped in live Native American flute & drum music, singing bowls, and inspirational readings; ending with a guided relaxation. 


No prior yoga or qigong experience needed as this is a very gentle and accessible offering.

So...Feel free to invite your loved ones to join you. 


$ 20.00  Please register in advance, as space is limited.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga 
with Judy Curiel, PhD, ERYT500 hr., YACEP
Friday, December 6
6:30 - 8:00pm

Embrace profound peace, deep relaxation and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit in this candlelit Restorative Yoga class. This practice incorporates the use of props to provide gentle openness to the body with maximum comfort for healing & rejuvenation.  These restful postures require minimal effort and are held for several minutes, allowing time and space to go deep into the meditative aspects of yoga, helping to calm the mind and body from the inside out. 

All poses are done on the floor and are modified to meet individual needs.

All levels are welcome, please dress comfortably, and in layers.

$ 25.00  Register in advance as space is limited. 

Gentle Yoga and Healing Arts Teacher Training 
Information Session  
with Judy Curiel, PhD, ERYT500 hr., YACEP and Lori Rossi, CYT, EMP, CQI

Do you love yoga and want to share it with others?

Do you want to increase your understanding of energy, yoga, and wellness, and 

how they all come together for happiness and healing?

Join us and find out if this training is for you!

Friday, December 6th

5:30 - 6:15pm

Please register that you are attending. 

Life Purpose Guidance with The Channeled Councel Gathering    New!
with Mary Evelyn Zimmerman, Visionary, Multi-modality Soul Level Energy Practitioner

Friday, December 13   (2nd Friday of each month)  

7:00 - 9:00pm

​The Council Gathering is a profound and joy-filled channeled group event. Mary Evelyn Zimmerman channels Ascendant Masters, Angels, Nature Spirits, Animals, Elementals, Galactic Healers, Loved Ones and Spirit Guides of those attending.Together they guide you as you seek to integrate your Soul’s mission with your everyday life. The intention is to increase your sense of joy, vitality and your deeper sense of purpose. Each event is shaped by the unique energies and needs of the room.

Light refreshments are provided, so feel free to arrive at 6:30pm socialize a bit before settling in. 

$25.00 Introductory price.  Regular price $40.00