Upcoming Workshops / Events / Class Series

Qigong....Living The Practice    ON LINE as of March 18th
6 week series
with Ed Howard & Lori Rossi

Wednesday,  February 26 - April 1st 

6:00pm - 7:15pm

Learn how to embody and bring the healing aspects of Qigong into your daily life…. 

Realize Peace and Harmony!

Experience various forms of Qigong including Meditation, Sound, Self-Healing Massage

and Intention.  We will explore how to utilize Qi (energy)from food & water to beliefs and emotions. 

to enhance all areas of life.  You will learn short and simple elements that can be incorporated into your daily routine. 


*Each week will include Informative handouts and suggested daily practices.

$ 135.00 Register in advance.  

15% Discount for couples registering together.

1st class (2/26) everyone is welcome to attend with drop in rate or class card.

Peaceful Qigong    ON LINE as of March 23rd
with Celeste Montgomery, CQI  
4:30 - 5:30pm

Find the oasis of peace within, through the self-healing art of Qi Gong. This fully guided class will lead you through a series of easy, gentle movements, with focused intention and breath, designed to shed stress and tension and bring about deeper levels of calm and wellbeing. 

Realize physical, emotional and spiritual benefits in this practice, regardless of one’s experience or fitness level. 

No prior qigong experience necessary. The class is fully guided, open to everyone and can be done seated or standing.

$20.00 or Class Card.  Register in advance.

Yin Yoga - 4 week series     On Line as of March 25th
with Lori Rossi, EMP, CYT500 hr.
Wednesday, March 4 - 25th 
4:30 - 5:45pm

Yin Yoga is a gentle and therapeutic style of practice, using body weight, gravity and props in poses to lengthen the fascia (connective tissue), ligaments and tendons. In this practice we sink into poses for 3-5 minutes relinquishing muscular tension and giving time to cultivate the ability to surrender.  This technique can access deep patterns of restriction in the body, both physical and emotional which results in opening and enhancing the flow of energy and vitality. 

Class ends with an extended time of relaxation while being soothed by the playing of the singing bowls. 

No yoga experience is necessary. 

*Poses are very accessible, are done on the floor (no standing poses) and individual modifications are offered.

Practicing once a week can deeply enhance flexibility in your regular yoga practice. 

Students often report they feel like that had a bodywork/massage session.

Here is a link to an article called "11 Top Reasons To Try Yin Yoga"


$60.00 for 4 week series /  $20.00 Drop in or class card.

Register in advance as space is limited and room is set for you. 

Vibrational Sound & Energy Healing Circle    CANCELLED
with Harold E. Smith, Shaman

Friday,  March 20th  (3rd Friday of each month) 

6:30 - 8:00pm

Feel your mind, body and Spirit shift as Harold plays his Didgeridoo’s and Spirit-infused instruments for a vibrational sound healing experience. Make yourself comfortable with our props or your own and let the vibrations clear and balance your whole system.  Come with an open mind and no expectations, leave with a lightness of mind, a tingle in the body and a heart full of love.  

*Most folks enjoy this experience while lying down or seated.  Mats, blankets and bolsters are provided though feel free to bring anything else to make yourself more comfortable. 

$ 30.00 Register in advance.


Language of Loving Light Healing     CANCELLED
with Helen Heinmiller, Author & Light Language Healer

Friday,  March 27th  

6:30 - 7:30pm

Discover joyful living with light language blessings.  Light Language is a new tool for living in our changing world.

It's pure love essence activates our connection with our true Self and our self-healing powers.  We no longer need hours of processing.  Light language is a joyful activation experience that takes less time with powerful results.  

Helen will explain what has been revealed to her about light language and answer questions about why it it here now! 

She will then channel her own light language messenger, "Isa" and deliver a heart healing blessing for the group.

She will be offering Individual Light Language Healing Sessions with personal healing and messages on

Saturday, March 28th 1-4pm

$ 20.00 Register in advance for Discovery & Group Blessing

$ 35.00 Register for Individual Session. 


Candlelight Restorative Yoga 
with Judy Curiel, PhD, ERYT500 hr., YACEP 
(1st Friday of each month) 
Friday, April 6th
6:30 - 8:00pm

Embrace profound peace, deep relaxation and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit in this candlelit Restorative Yoga class. This practice incorporates the use of props to provide gentle openness to the body with maximum comfort for healing & rejuvenation.  These restful postures require minimal effort and are held for several minutes, allowing time and space to go deep into the meditative aspects of yoga, helping to calm the mind and body from the inside out. 

All poses are done on the floor and are modified to meet individual needs.

All levels are welcome, please dress comfortably, and in layers.

$ 25.00  Register in advance as space is limited. 

Life Purpose Guidance with The Channeled Councel Gathering   
with Mary Evelyn Zimmerman, Visionary, Multi-modality Soul Level Energy Practitioner

Friday, April 10th

7:00 - 9:00pm

​The Council Gathering is a profound and joy-filled channeled group event. Mary Evelyn Zimmerman channels Ascendant Masters, Angels, Nature Spirits, Animals, Elementals, Galactic Healers, Loved Ones and Spirit Guides of those attending.Together they guide you as you seek to integrate your Soul’s mission with your everyday life. The intention is to increase your sense of joy, vitality and your deeper sense of purpose. Each event is shaped by the unique energies and needs of the room.

*Light refreshments are provided, so feel free to arrive at 6:30pm socialize a bit before settling in. 

$40.00. Please register in advance.


Purchases for classes and/or events are not transferable and non-refundable. 

Special circumstances may be considered by management possibly resulting in credit and/or transfers issued for future classes and/or events.