(qi=energy, gong=practice)

Qigong is a 5000 year old chinese practice.

A holistic system of self-healing exercise and meditation, that includes healing postures, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques and meditation.Ideal for strengthening the body's immune system, improving blood circulation, and overall mental and physical health. Gives one greater vitality, relieves stress, and fosters a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

"Qi is the chinese word for life energy. According to chinese medicine, qi is the anamating power that flows through all living things."

“Imagine deciding not to think or worry about the details and complexities of your life for an extended time. Let go of work, errands, frustrating feelings about people and things and your endless to-do list. Imagine being in this state for 30 minutes or more every day. A hundred million people do this in China through the practice of Qigong."

Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.

Qigong for Everyone  

This class consists of easy, gentle and graceful movements that are combined with breath and foused intention which fosters healing and a deep sense of peaceful energy. It is fully guided and can be done with no prior experience.

* Ideal for anyone as it can be done seated or standing.

Qigong - The Healer Within

Learn the 4 essential self-care methods for creating optimal health; movement, massage, meditation, and breath.  This will activate your internal medicine increasing productivity, vitality, peacefulness and happiness. Each class will include aspects of the 4 methods. These principals are based on the teachings of, Roger Jahnke, Oriental Chinese Medicine Doctor.

Qigong - Going Deeper Level 1 or 2 (6 Week Series)

During these series we develop a deeper understanding of the practice by discussing principles and origins, breaking down and fine tuning the forms and exploring ways to incorporate the practice into daily life. Level 1 and 2 can be taken in any order. 

Qigong Level 3 - Deepen & Expand (6 Week Series)

Deepen your understanding and expand your ability to cultivate and direct the Qi for healing, peace and wellbeing. Learn various types of Qigong including sound, meditation, intention and flow forms. Plus, how to read Chakras and balance with the Qi.

*Pre-requiste of Level 1 or 2, or have instructor approval to do this class.

Qigong Strength Training

Build physical and mental strength and tone your body. Using the "Qi" in this form produces profound and fast reults with less effort than standard exercise forms. You will be surprised by the abilities you have when learning how to incorporate the qi energy. *Some Qigong experience is required.

Qigong....Living the Practice (6 Week Series)

Realize peace and harmony...Learn how to embody and bring the healing aspects of Qigong into your daily life.  You will experience various forms that include sound, meditation, self-healing massage and intention.  Learn short simple elements that can be incorporated into your daily routine. 

Each week will include handouts and suggested daily practices. 

*Some Qigong experience is required to participate in this series.

Qi-Ga (Qigong-Yoga) Class

A special combo-class consisting of gentle yoga, qigong, native american flute & drum, inspirational readings and guided meditation.  The class is wrapped in a theme honoring  the season and is renewing to the Spirit as well as the body and mind.  This class is offered on holidays such as Thanksgiving, New Years Day and other signicant times and seasons throughout the year.

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong.”

                -Dr. Mehmet Oz