Food Based Healing 

Food Therapy​

Food from your grocery store

Using food from your grocery store and 3 horsepower blending to nutritionally create excellent health and reverse such serious conditions as; Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Digestive issues and Inflammation;. You learn the innate nutritional and healing properties of specific foods and how to incorporate them into your life. Our system is based on proven Naturopathic Medicine. Readily available foods, which are inexpensive compared to drugs and surgery, have the power to activate our body's immune system.



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Phytochemicals are the Key!

The antidote to killer diseases is proving to be "phytochemical rich" foods and the greatest secret is knowing what foods and what parts have the ones you need. There are over 385 phytochemicals in 1 apple!! They are found mostly in the skin, stems, & seeds. All the parts most people throw away! This is true of many of the foods we eat.


Available for individual coaching session or group demonstrations.