Create Healthy Lifestyle Patterns... 

Learn to be a Student of Wellness, not a Patient of Disease


LifeStyle Balancing 


LifeStyle Balancing Helps You...


Improve the quality of your relationships


Manage or recover from illness or injury

Process loss or grief

Heal from physical, sexual or emotional trauma

Prevent health imbalances from becoming serious

Create excellent health and wellbeing!


LifeStyle Balancing

~ Energy & Chakra Balancing ~ Wellness and Spiritual Coaching ~ Yoga & Qigong Therapy

Incorporating these various healing styles, this heart-centered, holistic lifestyle approach improves the quality of one's life regardless of conditions. You will release old physical and emotional patterns, and be empowered to make incremental and lasting changes that apply ancient wisdom to transform your life.

The Mind-Body Connection

Why do we struggle to make the changes we know are good for us?

Often, the desire to change is not always enough. We are held back by past experiences and negative conditioning which create stubborn blocks, in both the mind AND the body. A holistic practice that teaches us how to tune into the mind-body connection allows us to release those unhealthy patterns. This liberating process cultivates balance and harmony as we actively and consciously create the life we desire.

Stress, Emotions and Energy


Mounting clinical evidence shows that stress contributes to 75-90% of all medical conditions, including the 6 leading causes of death. Through the mind-body connection, the unconscious emotional process of engaging with stress causes physical imbalances, making us more susceptible to disease and illness. By changing our response to stress, the nervous system function and overall bodily healthy improve automatically. Positive impacts are seen in all areas of life.


Sessions begin by exploring and assessing the unique physical, mental and emotional patterns that are creating imbalance.

Lying on a bodywork table clothed, I use light touch energy and chakra balancing therapy to remove blockages, and clear disruptive patterns.  This allows one to release limiting thoughts, beliefs, and addictive behaviors. After, we develop a personalized and intention-based plan to facilitate the changes you wish to create

Your customized plan may include movement and breath practices diet and lifestyle choices, and spiritual practices to support healthy, empowered and joyful living. 


Every session is as unique as the individual and their state of being at that moment. However, a typical session lasts approximately 60-90 minutes, is one-on-one and may include any number of the following practices. 


Relaxation, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, Yoga or Qigong Exercises, Diet / Nutrition / Food-Based Healing, Sound Healing, Crystals, Relationship and Communication Coaching 

Spiritual Practices.


How many sessions and how often?

One session can provide profound relief and shifts in one's overall emotional wellbeing.  Though typically, there are behavioral patterns and wellness goals that are better addressed in 7 sessions, ideally scheduled at one to two week intervals.

With 7 sessions, we can rebalance alll seven major energy centers with tools and techniques to refer back to and keep balanced.

Phone consults between appointments can also be beneficial. 

Fees & Packages

30 Minute Session - $55.00


60 minute Session - $85.00

90 Minute Session - $125.00

Payments can be by cash, check or credit card

"It is my belief and experience that the essence of wellness lives within us all; through movement, breath, self-awareness and humility we can awaken to our natural state of wellbeing.”  Lori Rossi

Lori Rossi

Energy Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga & Qigong Instructor

Lori's personal journey through divorce, loss and healing naturally from Fibromyalgia and other health issues for herself and her son motivated her to study and become certified in various holistic methods to allowing her to assist others.  She blends her education, knowledge and experience to provide a customized approach and passion to assisting her clients in creating their own journey to a healthy, balanced and empowered life.