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Restorative Qigong


Consider this an open invitation to explore a deeper understanding / experience of your relationship with self, others and the environment. A way to cleanse and take care of yourself by releasing emotions and calming the mind. Class will open with stretching and tapping to enhance energy flow. Followed by exercises to clear out stagnant energy, unwanted feelings, stress and tension. Using breath-work, slow, gentle movements, visualizations and healing sounds, from the Daoist 5 Yin set and the 6 healing sounds; we will gather and cultivate fresh, new energies in and around ourselves. The various organ systems of the body will be our guide. *Class is open and accessible to everyone as it can be done standing or seated and no prior experience is necessary. **This class will run as a 4 week series. You can attend all or individual sessions.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Classes (In Studio) - Please cancel 45 minutes prior to the start of class to allow anyone on the waitlist to attend and to avoid being charged. Services - 24 hours prior to appointment is appreciated. (Each practitioner has their own cancelation policy). *See Policies under the About Us for more information.

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