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About Us


Our mission is to be an open, loving, inclusive community where people feel inspired, supported and empowered to bring about positive change in their lives through awareness and healing. 

To provide a nurturing space where you can awaken to the innate wellness that lives within us all. A setting where there is no judgement nor competition, just encouragement, acceptance and compassion. 

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Awakening Wellness is a welcoming, inclusive Healing Arts Studio. Conveniently located in the heart of Malvern Borough, since 2012; and in walking distance to most residents and other charming small businesses.  


We provide classes, wellness services, and enriching events.


Our Yoga and Qigong classes are open to people of all ages, sizes, and shapes, regardless of experience or fitness level. Classes are intentionally smaller to allow for individualized attention, and comfort.


Our wellness services include bodywork, energy healing, wellness lifestyle and relationship coaching. 


There are many paths to healing and happiness. We encourage you to explore and find peace, balance and joy in our nurturing environment, supportive group classes and private one-to-one wellness sessions.

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